Top 4 Bazi Calculators in 2024:To Measure One’s Own Destiny

bazi calculator

Introduce Chinese Bazi

The Bazi, also known as the Eight Characters of Birth, are the dates of a person's birth according to the Gan Zhi calendar. The Eight Characters play an important role in the folk beliefs of the Han ethnic group. The Year Stem and Year Branch form the Adult Pillar, the Month Stem and Month Branch form the Month Pillar, the Day Stem and Day Branch form the Sun Pillar, and the Time Stem and Time Branch form the Time Pillar; There are four pillars in total, with four stems and four branches forming eight characters, hence it is also known as the Four Pillars and Eight Characters. The prediction model of the Four Pillars Plus Great Movement Plus Flowing Year is called the Zi Ping Technique; The four-pillar solar law and the moon law belong to the complete prediction technology and method of the four pillars.

Bazi fortune telling is an ancient traditional Chinese numerology. If we want to calculate destiny through eight characters, we need to find professional people to operate it. However, with the development of artificial intelligence dialogue models, they can now be trained by humans, and the resulting database can communicate with users to solve the problems they ask. So what kind of sparks will be generated if the combination of Bazi fortune telling and AI technology is combined? Let's continue reading.

You can use it to calculate your personal Four Pillars of Destiny birth chart. This impersonal calculator does not analyze or ‘read’ your birth chart. You see the Chinese Zodiac animals for each part of your chart. To get your chart, you just have to give your date of birth and the calculator will produce your chart. This Free BaZi Calculator Chart is based on the Hsia Calendar, which is the Chinese solar calendar.

Have a problem in life that you want answers to? With this chart and a proper analysis, you can find out why the problem is happening and what to do by getting a BaZi reading and analysis.

How to view the results of the Bazi Destiny Test?

Bazi calculator is a tool used to generate Bazi charts and provide interpretations of individual destiny and personality. Although it can provide some interesting information, the results should be viewed as entertainment or reference, rather than an absolutely true or reliable predictive tool. When looking at the results produced by the Bazi calculator, you can see it as an inspiration that may prompt you to think about your own life and direction. However, it should be noted that fate is not entirely determined by the Bazi, but is also influenced by many other factors, such as personal choices, environmental factors, etc.

Therefore, although the Bazi chart may provide some interesting insights, you should not overly rely on it to determine your life. The best approach is to view it as an inspiration while maintaining a rational and open attitude, taking into account various factors to make decisions.

In this blog, we will introduce four Bazi calculators with excellent results on the Internet. Let me take a look next!

AI Teller

AI Teller is a free Chinese BaZi Calculator website powered by ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence technology.

Are you ready for a fascinating Chinese Fortune journey? Start chatting with AI Teller’ AI bot now!

bazi calculator

We searched for the AITeller website online, which is called "aiteller. io". After entering the website, we selected "Bazi Calculator" and swiped the right wheel to select this calculation type. For example, we chose "Education". After entering the page, we simply selected our birth date, time, and gender. AITeller will inform users of our academic situation and provide suitable academic guidance suggestions. In terms of accuracy of results, AITeller supports GPT models. During the development phase, developers have already trained with a large amount of bazi data. AITeller can be said to be a qualified online life prediction AI.

bazi calculator

In addition to the bazi calculator, AITeller also has two functions: astrology and vector astrology. Based on the user's birthday, the star chart is planned to provide corresponding suggestions to the user.

Bazi Calculator is a highly professional AI online testing tool.

bazi calculator

As shown in the product display above, it is clear that Bazi calculator has shown great care in handling the details of birthdate and eight characters. Users need to provide detailed birth dates, even precise to seconds, which demonstrates the professional level of the tool. Bazi calculator provides a detailed Bazi analysis function, allowing users to accurately calculate their specific position in the heavenly stems and earthly branches. In addition, to meet the needs of users from different regions around the world, Bazi Calculator supports 10+regional languages, providing users with a more convenient user experience. Overall, Bazi calculator is a powerful, professional, and user-friendly Bazi calculation tool that can meet various needs of users for Bazi analysis, demonstrating its excellent practicality and diversity.

bazi calculator

Your BaZi chart tells us about your personality, how you perceive the world and relationships with others. Your BaZi is only one part of your Ming 命. Your luck or opportunities improve when you begin to consciously take action in your life by choosing better experiences, which can bring you better luck.By understanding yourself (Ming 命) and what experiences you would likely encounter (Yun 运).

The BaZi reading and analysis involves the interpretation of the various interactions between the Five Elements, animal signs, stars, the structure of the chart, personality profile, overall destiny, and luck pillars. And most importantly, you will know the right actions to take for success. Used as a life improvement tool – it can bring a great positive impact on your life!

bazi calculator

Your Chinese Astrology

Eight Characters of Life, a kind of study that predicts people's career, marriage, fortune, study and health according to the theories of stem-branch calendar, Yin Yang and five elements, and evil spirit, is a time-honored fortune-telling method in China. Generally, people would use it to tell fortune under the following circumstances:

Choose names: this includes choosing a name for baby, company or destiny by combining the eight characters with the power of words.

Choose auspicious days: this includes wedding, delivery & C-section, start working, start trading, grand opening, moving, sacrifice and encoffining. On a grand occasion, you can choose an auspicious day in combination with Yin Yang and five elements to make it smooth.

Destiny: this means the analysis of your personality, year of misfortune, great luck, auspicious day, ups and downs and so on thru your birth chart based on Eight Characters, so that they know how to offense and defense, advance and retreat.

Feng Shui: this consists of the Feng Shui of grave, house and shop. The invisible ambient magnetic field and energy can be improved by combining your Eight Characters and five elements with the site involved.

Disabuse: it means the prediction of work, career, fortune, love, marriage, lawsuit, health and other important matters thru eight characters birth chart for right decisions.
Remove ill fortune: it means removing ill fortune and improving luck thru Yin Yang and five elements for the purpose of pursuing good fortune and avoiding disaster.

bazi calculator


In 2024, by using top-notch fortune telling tools such as AI Teller, Bazi Calculator, Feng Shui in Motion, and Your Chinese Astrology, we can gain a deeper understanding of our own destiny. Through these free eight character fortune telling calculators, we can explore the mysterious world of Chinese numerology and gain insight into our own destiny. Whether it's for job seeking, marriage, wealth, or health, fortune telling with the Eight Characters can provide us with valuable references and guidance. Therefore, in future life, we can use these tools to better plan and grasp our own destiny, face unknown challenges and opportunities.