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fortune teller online

What is Fortune Teller Online?

Fortune Teller Online refers to those who claim to have special abilities to predict a person's future or provide insights into their life through various divination methods. These methods include reading palms, tarot cards, astrology, crystal ball gaze, and so on. The existence of fortune tellers is mainly for entertaining people and enriching their daily lives.

AI Fortune Teller Online relies on the powerful capabilities of AI, absorbs a lot of relevant professional knowledge, and has unique predictive ability, which can reveal a person's future direction. By reading people's palms, one can see the trajectory of fate; Through the interpretation of tarot cards, one can gain insight into people's inner secrets; Through astrological calculations, one can predict people's careers and love.

Although most Fortune Teller services are only for entertainment, there are still some people who believe in their predictive abilities. These people are full of confusion and anxiety about their future, eager to find some guidance and comfort. They came to the fortune teller's booth with a glimmer of hope, hoping to find some answers through Fortune Teller's predictions.

However, there are also some people who hold a skeptical attitude towards Fortune Teller. They believe that these predictions are just psychological suggestions or simple guesses. They believe that the future is unpredictable, and everyone should rely on their own efforts to create their own destiny.

Of course, the ultimate decision-making power is still in the hands of each individual. The predictions of AI Fortune Teller Online only provide people with some direction for thinking, and true change still requires people's own efforts and wisdom. So, whether believing in Fortune Teller's predictions or having doubts, everyone should take responsibility for their future and actively pursue their dreams and goals.

What technology supports online fortune testing?

Online fate prediction is mainly achieved through the recently developed large-scale AI writing model - OpenAI's ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a dialogue system based on language models, developed by OpenAI. It can generate coherent and logical dialogue responses through unsupervised learning of a large number of Internet texts. ChatGPT can be used for various tasks, such as answering questions, providing information, engaging in small talk, etc. It performs well on multiple evaluation metrics and can continuously improve and learn through dialogue and interaction with people. The goal of ChatGPT is to provide a useful, secure, and controllable dialogue system to meet the needs of users.

Developers feed ChatGPT with a large amount of astrological data, Chinese Bazi fortune telling data, and other materials to provide ChatGPT with a material foundation in this area to address user related questions. Of course, developers have polished the relevant functions and classified different types of testing methods. In order to improve the accuracy of answers, developers will continuously optimize the prompts and present the best prompts, which will make the answers more accurate. This has expanded the development track of AI and brought people a novel experience.

AI Teller is an online tool that relies on the ChatGPT model to help users predict their fortune. It supports Western astrology, Indian astrology, and Chinese astrology, allowing users to have a comprehensive understanding of their fortune online.

fortune teller online

What is astrology?

Astrology, an ancient and intricate field of study, delves into the celestial realm, human existence, and the profound impact of celestial bodies on human destinies. By closely examining the intricate dance of celestial bodies, particularly the nuanced movements of planets within our solar system, astrology seeks to unravel the mysteries surrounding an individual's fate and behavioral patterns. The core tenet of astrology posits that celestial entities, notably planets and constellations, serve as harbingers of change in a manner that transcends mere chance.

Through a meticulous analysis of an individual's birthplace, time of birth, and the precise alignment of celestial bodies at that moment, astrology endeavors to decode the intricate tapestry of a person's personality and life path. Within the diverse landscape of astrology lie a multitude of schools and traditions, ranging from the renowned Western astrology to the intricate systems of Chinese and Indian astrology, each offering unique perspectives and interpretive methodologies. Despite their distinct approaches, these varied systems converge on the fundamental belief that the universe operates as a unified whole, where the interplay of celestial bodies exerts a profound influence on the course of human existence and destiny.

What is Bazi?

Bazi, also known as Sizhu Bazi, is a traditional Chinese numerology.
Bazi is a combination of the heavenly stems and earthly branches corresponding to the year, month, day, and hour of a person's birth. Specifically, the annual column is composed of annual stems and branches, the monthly column is composed of monthly stems and branches, the daily column is composed of daily stems and branches, and the time column is composed of time stems and branches. This method of numerology is believed to be used to predict a person's fate, including career, marriage, wealth, and health.

fortune teller online

Function Introduction

Below, we will introduce the functions of AI Teller, which are beyond your imagination.

AI astrology reader

AI Astrology Reader is a crucial element of AI Teller, heavily relying on the field of astrology to provide fortune-telling services to its users. The convenience of the online Fortune Teller is derived from entering pre-tested prompts into the AI's dialogue box in order to receive detailed analysis results. This user-friendly approach is particularly advantageous for individuals who are not interested in delving deep into the complexities of astrology. Additionally, users have the ability to engage with the AI through the chat box, sharing their own perspectives. Those with a strong knowledge of astrology can engage in conversations with the AI to address any incomplete responses, as the AI's capabilities are strengthened by continuous training, resulting in more precise outputs. By improving the accuracy of the conversational AI, a new sector may emerge - one that focuses on online inquiries and calculations, effectively utilizing a wide range of information differentials.

AI vedic astrology calculator

Vedic astrology is similar to Western astrology, but not entirely the same. The two biggest differences are:1Indian Vedic astrology does not involve the three major outer planets - Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto the astrological chart of Vedic astrology uses the position of the celestial body at the time of one's birth for calculation. The difference between this Vedic and Western astrology may alter some or all of the constellations in your Western astrological chart, pushing the angles of these planets back about 23 degrees. This may change your solar sign and some or all of the planets within your sign.

The third difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology is that Western astrology has completely departed from its origin - Greek culture and has not been supported by a complete philosophical system. Vedic astrology is part of the vast Vedic science and wisdom, adjacent to sisters disciplines yoga, Ayeyvedic medicine, Vedic geomancy (Vastu) and palmistry. Vedic astrology is the oldest astrological system in the world and is still widely used today.

AI Bazi calculator

The Bazi, also known as the Eight Characters of Birth, are the dates of a person's birth according to the Gan Zhi calendar. The Eight Characters play an important role in the folk beliefs of the Han ethnic group. The Year Stem and Year Branch form the Adult Pillar, the Month Stem and Month Branch form the Month Pillar, the Day Stem and Day Branch form the Sun Pillar, and the Time Stem and Time Branch form the Time Pillar.

There are four pillars in total, with four stems and four branches forming eight characters, hence it is also known as the Four Pillars and Eight Characters. The prediction model of the Four Pillars Plus Great Movement Plus Flowing Year is called the Zi Ping Technique; The four-pillar solar law and the moon law belong to the complete prediction technology and method of the four pillars.

AI Teller combines the testing techniques of both East and West, meeting the different needs of users and providing more comprehensive functions. The comprehensive support of ChatGPT also provides a strong guarantee of accurate output results. AI Teller is a tool worth trying, whether it is for entertainment or hobbies.

To use a free fortune teller online, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose a reputable website or platform that offers free fortune-telling services——AI Teller. You can search for “AI Teller” on search engines and explore different options.You can also enter “” in the browser’s navigation bar.
  • Once you have found a suitable website, navigate to their fortune-telling section or page.
  • Select the type of fortune-telling you are interested in. Common options include tarot card readings, astrology, numerology, palmistry, or crystal ball readings.
    Follow the instructions provided on the website to proceed with your chosen fortune-telling method. This may involve entering your birthdate, focusing on a specific question, or selecting a certain number of cards, depending on the type of reading.
  • The free fortune teller will generate your reading based on the information you provide. This could be in the form of a written interpretation, a video reading, or an audio recording.
  • Take your time to read or listen to the reading and reflect on its meaning. Keep in mind that fortune-telling is not an exact science and should be taken with an open mind.
  • If you have any follow-up questions or want further clarification, consult the resources provided by the website or seek additional guidance from the fortune-telling platform.

Remember, while free online fortune tellers can provide insights and entertainment, they should not replace professional advice or decision-making.


AI fortune telling is a method of using artificial intelligence technology to predict personal fortune or provide fortune analysis. The AI Teller introduced in the article is a novel AI track product that helps users with astrology, astrology, astrology and other testing needs to conduct real-time online calculations at home. The tool relies on a powerful GPT model to continuously improve the AI dialogue function, making the output more accurate. Users are also worth a try.

But astrology and Bazi fortune telling are ultimately historical relics without scientific basis. How should we view the results feedback from AI?

Subjectivity: AI test results may be generated based on statistical data and algorithms, rather than truly targeting individual unique situations. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a certain subjective awareness of the results and not overly rely on or completely believe in them.

Entertainment: AI test results can serve as a form of entertainment, bringing some fun and curiosity. But we should clarify its entertainment nature and not take it too seriously or use it as a basis for decision-making.

Reference: The results of AI testing can serve as a reference to help us think and analyze our own situation. But we should consider it as one of the many factors and combine it with other personal experiences, intuition, professional opinions, etc. to make a more comprehensive judgment.

In short, AI test results can serve as a form of entertainment and reference tool, but we should remain rational and objective, and not overly rely on or take it seriously. Personal decisions and actions should be based on more comprehensive and in-depth thinking and judgment.